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The First Global Trust Mark

A Need for A Global Ecommerce Trust Framework

At the 2016 Global Ecommerce Summit, the EcommerceFoundation was asked by several Ecommerce Associations to research the possibility of establishing a Global EcommerceAssociation. The mentality of this being to initiate a Global Ecommerce Trust Mark specifically for Ecommerce merchants around the world.
Safe.Shop's Mission is to Foster Global Digital Trade
- Legal Certification
- Online Security Check
- Financial Check
- Fake Product Scan

Reasons to set-up a Global Ecommerce Trust Mark
- Global ecommerce trade is increasing rapidly. The expectation is that between 2020-2025, 30% of all ecommerce will be cross-border.
- However, merchants have difficulties building trust across borders. A lack of trust is rated the 4th largest barrier of cross- border trade by merchants.
- Additionally, 49% of all consumers not shopping online report a lack of trust as the primary reason for choosing not to purchase online. Of those who do shop online, more than 50% lose trust when the webshop is based in another country (see graph below).

 - Finally, consumer protection and Ecommerce regulations still differ significantly per region, creating a convoluted legal maze for both merchants and consumers.  

What's in it for consumers?
Safe.Shop checks if webshops are selling according to the Global Ecommerce Code of Conduct, the main points of which you can see below. This allows consumers to shop around the world for the best products at the best prices, knowing they are buying from a reliable webshop.        

What's in it for merchants?
Safe.Shop helps merchants sell globally by increasing consumer trust with a clear Global Ecommerce Code of Conduct. By displaying the Safe.Shop logo on their website, online merchants are ensuring consumers across the globe of the reliability of their webshop.      

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