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Since 2013 we annually research 50+ countries globally on multiple aspects of ecommerce, B2C and cross-border selling. This results in 14 National Ecommerce Reports , a  European Ecommerce Overview Report with insights for European countries and a Global Ecommerce Overview Report . We do this both for Ecommerce Europe, the European association for companies selling online to support their 25,000+ company members in doing cross border ecommerce as well as for 40+ e-commerce associations worldwide in countries such as Australia, Brazil, China, Mexico, Russia, etcetera. 

The goal of these reports is to provide insights into national and regional ecommerce markets in order to help online selling companies make better choices when going cross-border. 

A light version of all our National Ecommerce and Overview Reports can be downloaded for free . The reports have been downloaded more than 44,000 times a year.  A full version of each report is also available for purchase.
Content gathered per country
  • Demographic indicators
  • Economic indicators
  • Ecommerce data
  • Expert reviews
  • Online sales per product segment
  • Mobile commerce
  • Cross Border commerce
  • Internet usage
  • Legal & Tax
  • Payments
  • Do's and Don'ts
  • Etcetera

We cooperate with several research partners like Gfk, TNS Nipo, Euromonitor, Statista and many others to gather this content. Additionally, we interview multiple experts for unique insights.

Download all Free Reports
Download all Full Reports
Report Sponsors

We are looking for partners who make the creation of these reports possible. Report Partners receive the following benefits:

  • The company logo is shown on the Infographics.
  • The company logo is shown on the front and back cover of all published reports.
  • A one page C-level interview is included in each report.
  • A description of the company is included in each report.
  • In press releases of the reports your company name is included.
  • The report can be printed and distributed locally under your own brand name.
  • Maybe we can even add content of your company to the reports to make it more relevant?

  • You benefit from the shared marketing effort of Ecommerce Europe, the Ecommerce Foundaton, and their Report and Media Partners:
  • Each month you receive all new subscriptions details (name, function, email address, company) in Microsoft Excel format.
  • Industry exclusivity: no direct competitor of your company can become a Report Partner of the reports you support.

Sales support
  • The full report can be printed in your own look and feel and distributed via your sales organizations to your customers and prospects.


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