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Board of Advice

The Board of Advice
Board of Advice
Our Board of Advice consists of prominent e-commerce experts from all over the world, such as presidents and directors of national and international e-commerce associations. They fully support the Ecommerce Foundation and its activities, and provide advice in the areas of their expertise.
  1. Wijnand Jongen
    Wijnand jongen
    CEO, The Netherlands Chair Executive Committee Ecommerc Europe
  2. Alexandre Nilo Fonseca
    Alexandre Nilo Fonseca
    President ACEPI, Portugal
  3. Alexey Fedorov
    Alexey Fedorov
    President AITC, Russia “Retail ecommerce sales and cross-border trades are growing steadily in Russia and we believe that AITC collaboration with the Ecommerce Foundation will promote mutually advantageous co-operation between European and Russian e-commerce.”
  4. Ian Jindal
    Ian Jindal
    Founder & editor InternetRetailing, United Kindom
  5. Joseph Yuen
    Joseph Yuen
    Board Chairman Hong Kong Federation of E-commerce, Hong Kong “The Internet speed up the process of globalization, and the success of Ecommerce development depend heavily on the collaboration between countries and organizations. Ecommerce Foundation act as a hub for information and knowledge in the new Internet Economy.”
  6. Jose Luis Zimmermann
    Jose Luis Zimmermann
    Director Adigital, Spain
  7. Hakan Orhun
    Hakan Orhun
    President ETID, Turkey
  8. Roberto Liscia
    Roberto Liscia
    President Netcomm, Italy "The active involvement of international expertise and national associations is the true strength of the Ecommerce Foundation and will speed up and help the digital transformation in progress in companies and institutions"
  9. Steve Agius
    Steve Agius
    Chief of information and Development Malta Communications Authority, Malta “eCommerce is a fast growing sector and the importance of its sustainability and continued growth is carrying more weight year-on-year. There is no doubt that eCommerce is here to stay and success can only happen if an organisation undergoes ongoing digital transformation and be more agile in its overall approach. The E-Commerce Foundation is a one-stop-shop for understanding how eCommerce ecosystems work and are evolving.”
  10. Paris Koronaios
    Paris Koronaios
    General Director Greek eCommerce Association, Greece
  11. Mrs. Linya
    Mrs. Linya
    Vice President and Secretary General BECA, Beijing "Looking forward to the joint efforts of everyone, the Ecommerce Foundation will become a cross regional communication and exchange platform."
  12. Juhani Pekkala
    Juhani Pekkala
    Managing Director Finnish Commerce Federation, Finland “Digital revolution has only begun. In the coming years we will see major changes in our industry. There are lots of new opportunities for ecommerce to create growth for commerce. But digitalization is  changing not only retail, it will change whole supply chain from producers to wholesalers and retailers”
  13. Grzegorz Wójcik
    Grzegorz Wójcik
    President Ecommerce Polska, Poland
  14. Lynn Drumgoole
    Lynn Drumgoole
    Marketing Director Retail Excellence, Ireland
  15. Mostafa Abolnasr
    Mostafa Abolnasr
    General Manager ITIDA, Egypt "Ecommerce Foundation is helping advance the e-commerce industry globally; by creating an ecosystem of research, effective knowledge transfer and partner support. Giving an opportunity for every e-commerce business around the world to excel beyond its limited resources."
  16. Zoltan Ormos
    Zoltan Ormos
    Chairman, Hungary
  17. Chien-Pin Wang
    Chien-Pin Wang
    Vice President Commerce Development Research Institute, Taiwan "E-commerce has already revolutionized the world of commerce and the ways customers consume. Adopt, jump on the bandwagon or be left behind forever!"
  18. Jan Vetyska
    Jan Vetyska
    Executive Director Czech E-commerce Association, Czech Republic
  19. Carlo Terreni
    Carlo Terreni
    General Director NetComm Suisse, Switzerland
  20. Tim Arlt
    Tim Arlt
    Board member Händlerbund, Germany “Digitalisation means flow and rapid growth that leaves no room for complicated workflows and obstacles. We believe in simplicity and that the only wrong move during the digital transformation is not to make any move at all.”
  21. Fotis Antonopoulos
    Fotis Antonopoulos
    President Greek e-Commerce Association, Greece
  22. Paul Greenberg
    Paul Greenberg
    Founder / Executive Director NORA, Australia "In this rapidly changing world, the Ecommerce Foundation is a rich, reliable source of information that allows companies to keep pace with local and global developments."
  23. Chan Kee Siak
    Chan Kee Siak
    President, Internet Alliance Malaysia, Malaysia “Through knowledge sharing, we can learn from each other and grow the Global Ecommerce Economy together, bigger and stronger”
  24. Mauricio Salvador
    Mauricio Salvador
    President, ABComm, Brasil “E-commerce is the present and future of doing business. Being part of Ecommerce Foundation let us easily share market information, think digital and interact globally.”
  25. Nasir Jamal
    Nasir Jamal
    Secretary General, ECAI, India “ECAI, in association with Ecommerce Foundation, is committed to accelerate growth of e-commerce in India and globally. We need to work together to develop this industry as it is a driver to other industries.”
  26. Carine Moitier
    Carine Moitier
    Founding Member of the Board & Director , BeCommerce, Belgium “Ecommerce is a market of continuous growth. To respond to this, we need knowledge, knowledge of the Belgian market , but also internationally. Ecommerce Foundation helps us contributing to this”
  27. Valentin Kalashnik
    Valentin Kalashnik
    President of Ukrainian Direct Marketing Association (UDMA), Ukraine “E-commerce in Ukraine is growing rapidly. And I believe that partnership with the Ecommerce Foundation will help to open the potential of Ukraine in order to cooperation and development globally”.
  28. Diane J. Brisebois
    Diane J. Brisebois
    President & CEO at Retail Council, Canada
  29. Denford Mutashu
    Denford Mutashu
    Founder and President Confederation Of Zimbabwe Retailers, Zimbabwe "By combining collective goals and efforts, the Ecommerce Foundation is able to realize so much more in the field of e-commerce"
  30. Mr. Massimo Volte
    Massimo Volpe
    Chairman Firae Director Retail Institute Italy
  31. Alastair Tempest
    Director at Ecommerce Forum Africa, South Africa
  32. Florinel loan Chis
    Florinel loan Chis
    Executive Director - Romanian E-Commerce Association, Romania "E-Commerce in Romania is growing at a very fast pace and our role as an organization is to help this way of doing commerce to develop further. Customers do see e-commerce in Romania as a safe and convenient way of shopping. We believe that by co-operating with Ecommerce Foundation we help our members gain insights about the European market and contribute with up-to-date information about how e-commerce looks in Romania"
  33. Berna Ozsar Kumcu
    Berna Ozsar Kumcu
    Secretary General World SME Forum
  34. Prof. Dr. Tang Bingyong
    Prof. Dr. Tang Bingyong
    Chairman, CCEAA
  35. Scott Fisher
    Scott Fisher
    CEO Retail New Zealand