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Board of Advice

The Board of Advice
Board of Advice
Our Board of Advice consists of prominent e-commerce experts from all over the world, such as presidents and directors of national and international e-commerce associations. They fully support the Ecommerce Foundation and its activities, and provide advice in the areas of their expertise.
  1. Wijnand Jongen
    Wijnand jongen
    CEO, The Netherlands Chair Executive Committee Ecommerc Europe
  2. Alexandre Nilo Fonseca
    Alexandre Nilo Fonseca
    President ACEPI, Portugal
  3. Alexey Fedorov
    Alexey Fedorov
    President AITC, Russia
  4. Ian Jindal
    Ian Jindal
    Founder & editor InternetRetailing, United Kindom
  5. Joseph Yuen
    Joseph Yuen
    Board Chairman Hong Kong Federation of E-commerce, Hong Kong
  6. Jose Luis Zimmermann
    Jose Luis Zimmermann
    Director Adigital, Spain
  7. Emre Ekmekc
    Emre Ekmekci
    CEO ETID, Turkey
  8. Roberto Liscia
    Roberto Liscia
    President Netcomm, Italy
  9. Steve Agius
    Steve Agius
    Chief of information and Development Malta Communications Authority, Malta
  10. Paris Koronaios
    Paris Koronaios
    General Director Greek eCommerce Association, Greece
  11. Mrs. Linya
    Mrs. Linya
    Vice President and Secretary General CLARA, Beijing
  12. Juhani Pekkala
    Juhani Pekkala
    Managing Director Finnish Commerce Federation, Finland
  13. Patrycja Sass-Staniszewska
    Patrycja Sass-Staniszewska
    President Ecommerce Polska, Poland
  14. Lynn Drumgoole
    Lynn Drumgoole
    Marketing Director Retail Excellence, Ireland
  15. Mostafa Abolnasr
    Mostafa Abolnasr
    General Manager ITIDA, Egypt
  16. Zoltan Ormos
    Zoltan Ormos
    Chairman, Hungary
  17. Chien-Pin Wang
    Chien-Pin Wang
    Vice President Commerce Development Research Institute, Taiwan
  18. Jan Vetyska
    Jan Vetyska
    Executive Director Czech E-commerce Association, Czech Republic
  19. Carlo Terreni
    Carlo Terreni
    General Director NetComm Suisse, Switzerland
  20. Tim Arlt
    Tim Arlt
    Board member Händlerbund, Germany
  21. Paris Koronaios
    Paris Koronaios
    General Manager Greek e-Commerce Association, Greece
  22. Paul Greenberg
    Paul Greenberg
    Founder / Executive Director NORA, Australia
  23. Chan Kee Siak
    Chan Kee Siak
    President, Internet Alliance Malaysia, Malaysia
  24. Mauricio Salvador
    Mauricio Salvador
    President, ABComm, Brasil
  25. Nasir Jamal
    Nasir Jamal
    Secretary General, ECAI, India
  26. Carine Moitier
    Carine Moitier
    Founding Member of the Board & Director , BeCommerce, Belgium
  27. Valentin Kalashnik
    Valentin Kalashnik
    President of Ukrainian Direct Marketing Association (UDMA), Ukraine
  28. Diane J. Brisebois
    Diane J. Brisebois
    President & CEO at Retail Council, Canada
  29. Denford Mutashu
    Denford Mutashu
    Founder and President Confederation Of Zimbabwe Retailers, Zimbabwe
  30. Mr. Massimo Volte
    Massimo Volpe
    Chairman Firae Director Retail Institute Italy
  31. Alastair Tempest
    Director at Ecommerce Forum Africa, South Africa
  32. Florinel loan Chis
    Florinel loan Chis
    Executive Director - Romanian E-Commerce Association, Romania
  33. Berna Ozsar Kumcu
    Berna Ozsar Kumcu
    Secretary General World SME Forum
  34. Prof. Dr. Tang Bingyong
    Prof. Dr. Tang Bingyong
    Chairman, CCEAA
  35. Scott Fisher
    Scott Fisher
    CEO Retail New Zealand