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as peace is the natural effect of trade.

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  1. Webinar - Zooming in on ecommerce USA
    Zooming in on European Ecommerce
  2. Study Trip
    Study Trip
    China 09 -14 September 2018
  3. Free E-paper - Consuming Reviews
    Latest Report
    European Ecommerce Report 2018

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Board of Advice

  1. Joseph Yuen
    Joseph Yuen
    Board Chairman Hong Kong Federation of E-commerce, Hong Kong
  2. Alastair Tempest
    Alastair Tempest
    Director at Ecommerce Forum Africa, South Africa
  3. Mauricio Salvador
    Mauricio Salvador
    President ABComm, Brazil
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Researching new ecommerce developments & trends

Sharing e-commerce knowledge
Events & Study trips
Organizing C-level events and study trips
The Global Trust Mark helps you shop and sell globally
Custom Studies
Ad hoc studies network to gain insights into new developments and trends
Providing insight into ecommerce markets
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