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Our team is small, our mission ambitious . We like to give you direct responsibilities right from the start.
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Ecommerce Reseacher

As Ecommerce Researcher you are co-responsible for the development of the National Ecommerce Reports .

Responsibilities include:
  • The collection of ecommerce data of over 40 countries.
  • Maintain the relationship with 40+ Ecommerce associations.
  • Interview Ecommerce Managers and Digital VP's about ecommerce in their countries.
  • Analyse the gathered data and create the National ecommerce reports.
    • Support the efforts to promote the reports. 

"The Ecommerce Foundation gives you the opportunity to work independently and at the same time with support. I was allowed to research my own topic which matched the interests of the Foundation perfectly."

Zhen Zhang, Intern

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Marketing Assistant

As marketeer you are responsible for the promotion of the different services which we develop.

Responsibilities include:
  • Creation of our monthly newsletter (26.000 subscribers).
  • Manage the social media channels of our brands (15.000).
  • Maintain/Develope our four websites.
  • The creation of marketing material (flyer, banners) for the global trustmark.
  • Organization of events (study trips, VIP dinners).
  • Daily checking of the company email box.

"Within the Ecommerce Foundation, there is always new stuff going on.

If you like a dynamic and challenging environment to learn all about ecommerce and (online) marketing: this is the place!"

Floor Bindels, intern

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Community Manager & Editor

I was responsible for both the day to day operations of the EcommerceWiki as well as define in which areas we have to improve the community on a long term basis.
It allowed me to learn a lot, both operationally as well as strategically.
As Community Manager and Editor you are responsible for the growth and content of the EcommerceWiki

Responsibilities include:
  • Excite and help curators to write articles for the wiki.
  • Maintain the Events & Reports sections of the site.
  • Continously improve the user-friendliness of the website.
  • Write articles of your own related to ecommerce.
  • Edit and improve articles of other authors.
  • Verify new registrations and monitor new content.

Steijn van der Meijs, intern

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Sales Manager

As Sales Manager you are responsible for the growth or our sponsor and customer base of our different services

Responsibilities include:
  • Jointly develop new sales propositions
  • Find and contact potential new sponsors for our research.
  • Plan sales calls and meetings to promote and sell our research and other services. 
  • Participate in sales calls and meetings (and later on do sales calls and meeting independentendly). 
  • Maintain and further improve the CRM system.
"If international sales is your ambition.
The Ecommerce Foundation is your
place to start!

You can expand your network, learn everything about ecommerce and international cultures."

Nic Laan, Intern

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Safe.Shop Trustmark Coordinator

As Trust Mark coordinator you manage all the day to day operations of Safe.Shop , the Global Ecommerce Trustmark.  

Responsibilities include:
  • Monitor and validate new registration.
  • Manage the actions of Trust Partners.
  • Support in the marketing & sales of Safe.Shop.
  • Continously improve the processes and systems of Safe.Shop.
  • Weekly report on the progress and issues.

"If you like to be in control
Safe.Shop offers you an excelent way to learn how to manage a company."

Ludo Verlinden, intern

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