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In the beginning of 2016 we launched the EcommerceWiki, the online e-commerce handbook for retailers. Goal is to help the 25.000 members of Ecommerce Europe to more effectively learn how to improve their e-commerce activities. In addition to Ecommerce Europe, the wiki is also supported by Ecommerce Associations around the world like Australia, Brazil, Canada, China (Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai), Egypt, etc.

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About the EcommerceWiki

Since May 2016 we have launched the EcommerceWiki, a platform where people can share their ecommerce knowledge. With the EcommerceWiki we hope to offer the ecommerce community a place for collecting and sharing all knowledge about ecommerce-related topics: from branding and performance advertising, to merchandising, selecting an ecommerce platform and managing social media.

Our ambition is for the EcommerceWiki to become the global e-commerce handbook. Currently there are many websites and blogs covering ecommerce news and insights. However, detailed 'how to' information is difficult to find, not very well organized and not always reliable.   We have identified more than 40 topics (from Affiliate Marketing to Warehousing). Each topic consists of three modules:
  • Basics:             Students and beginners (focussing on "What is...").
  • Advanced:       Managers and entrepreneurs (focussing on "How to").
  • Expert:             Experts, professionals: the advanced stuff.

The EcommerceWiki collects ecommerce content in one convenient location, well-aranged in multiple topics. We invite experts from all corners of the world to contribute. We strive to gather basic, advanced and expert information so that the EcommerceWiki becomes the main place for everybody who would like to expand their knowledge, from students and online retailers (SME) to corporate digital experts.
Joining the EcommerceWiki
Our ambition is to make the EcommerceWiki the international ecommerce handbook, which can help people with learning all about ecommerce, developing their skills and improving their business. The EcommerceWiki will be the “one-stop shop” for everything there is to know about ecommerce.

By sharing your knowledge with the community, you will help others to improve on ecommerce. In return, you will be able to improve your own knowledge through the contributions of other experts, contact these other experts and have the chance to position yourself to a large audience as an international expert in your field of expertise.
EcommerceWiki Facts
  • Launched:                                June 14th, 2016
  • Unique visitors:                                24,000 p/m, with a growth rate of 20% per month
  • Accounts:                                          13,500
  • Topics:                                               45+ chapters
  • Reports:                                            400+ reports
  • Courses:                                            20+ courses

EcommerceWiki and Partners
Topics are maintained by Hosts & Curators. Host & Curators are partners that sponsor the EcommerceWiki, as individual or as company. They gain access to the community thanks to supporting the EcommerceWiki. The Hosts & Curators have access to all expert accounts, receive analytics for their topics and may use the content of the topic in their own oflline publications. 

We are working together with well-known authors, ecommerce vendors and consulting firms like About Payments, Akamai, Boston Consulting Group, Cap Gemini, DHL, DPD, GfK, NewPeople, PwC, Qhuba, Sana Comerce, Salesupply, SSi Schaeffer, SDL, Stibo, etcetera. 

Supporting the EcommerceWiki

As a Host of the EcommerceWiki you will recieve certain benefits. This include: 
  • Your logo and the link to your company’s website will be published on every online page of the chapter.
  • Your photo (we can adjust the photo per country) and the link to your company’s website will be published on every online page of the chapter as contributing Curator.
  • The opportunity to present yourself even more as a key expert in your field to a large audience
  • The opportunity to get in touch with other leading experts in your field from all over the world. You have access to the contact details (one on one) of all participating experts.
  • You will receive the contact details of all people who download the chapter’s content.
  • You will receive a list of company names every week that have visited the topic
  • You may make an export of the chapter and create a physical booklet based on the chapter with your own logo (pending authorship approval) once a year, after consultation with the Ecommerce Foundation

Want to know more about the EcommerceWiki and its possibilities?

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If you want to know more about the EcommerceWiki and what it can do for you, please
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