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Custom Research

Ad hoc studies using the Ecommerce Foundation network to gain insight into new developments and trends on a quantitative and/or qualitative basis.

Keeping pace with the rapid rise of e-commerce can be difficult. Practical ecommerce knowledge and know-how is available, but the information is fragmented and often shallow, lacking real insights and depth. Next to that the pressure is increased by the continuous introduction of new technologies on a global level.

It is our mission to facilitate the development of practical knowledge, insights and learnings. Thanks to our sustainable partnerships we are able to gain insights that could not have been realized on an individual basis. We believe cooperation is the strength of mankind, and like to reflect this in our partnerships and cooperations. 

With our custom researches we combine your knowledge with ours, to gain a deeper level together. Together with research partners Akamai, Demandware and Informatica, we can gain the insights in your interest.

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Our team has various researchers with their own expertises, next to the valuable partnerships we have with other experts. Want to know what we can do for you?
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