Ecommerce Foundation

The Ecommerce Foundation

Foster global digital trade
The Ecommerce Foundation is an independent non-profit organization, initiated by worldwide national  ecommerce associations and online and omnichannel selling companies from industries such as retail, travel & finance. 

Why an Ecommerce Foundation?

Our mission is to foster global digital trade as peace is the natural effect of trade. By facilitating digital commerce we hope to make the world a slightly better place.

How does the Foundation help?

We facilitate the development of practical knowledge, insights and services for which individual institutions, retail and ecommerce associations and B2C selling companies do not have the (financial) resources and/or capabilities. By combining collective goals and efforts, the Ecommerce Foundation is able to realize projects that could not have been realized on an individual basis.

What does the Ecommerce Foundation do?

The Foundation is developing and offering several services such as the Ecommerce Benchmark, the EcommerceWiki and the National Ecommerce Reports. At the moment we are also researching if a Global Ecommerce Trustmark can be set-up to increase worldwide consumer trust and as a result global trade.

  1. Jorij Abraham
    Jorij Abraham
    Managing Director
  2. Metje van der Meer
    Metje van der Meer
    Marketing Coordinator
  3. Jesse Weltevreden
    Jesse Weltevreden
    Director Research
  4. Stefanie Ros
    Stefanie Ros
    Director Asian Relations
  5. Research Analyst
    Sara Lone
    Research Analyst
  6. Rein Suijker
    Rein Suijker
Managing Director
Research Director

Marketing Coordinator
Executive Director

​​Research Analyst

Director Asian Relations


Corinne Poort contact
Corinne Poort contact

Benjamin Rund
​Sr. Director Product Marketing

Marco Disseldorp
Marketing Manager Benelux

The Ecommerce Foundation is a great community of the digital commerce industry. It helped our business to increase its outreach to ecommerce managers.
Navigating through the waves of changes is a challenge upon all of our companies. Offering an insightful perspective, we encourage any organization to take advantage of the reports of the E-commerce Foundation.
Corinne Poort contact

Rob Garf
VP Strategy and Insights

I have worked with the Ecommerce Foundation on several custom reports. They are great collaborators and produce high-quality work. They are clearly retail experts who provide a unique perspective on trends and best practices in our ever-changing industry. I can confidently recommend them as a research partner.